Xactimate Training

Questions to Ask Before Selecting a School for Xactimate Training

Learn from an Xactimate Certified Trainer

Some of you may be asking yourself what difference it makes to get your Xactimate Training from a Certified Trainer. There are in fact many websites and schools that do not have Certified Trainers; we know of one school that has Adjuster and Xactimate Training and there are no Adjusters at that school… just a group that bought a school and sell classes on the internet. There are other schools that say they will provide you with Xactimate Training but we don’t know what they are even purporting to teach… they never mention their credentials (if they have any), claims experience, education, or any specific Xactimate Training AND they never say they are preparing YOU to take Xactimate Level 1 and Level 2 Certification Exams. Most of these types of schools also don’t have a clue about Xactimate Mobile (we do know and without apology we can say that Bruce Authement is the nation’s leading teacher of Xactimate Mobile). Lastly, we provide Continuing Education credits in most states… many schools or websites don’t or they do so in only one state.

Our Guarantee to You:

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