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The HO-3 from A-to-Z: Definitions

The purpose of this course is to better equip you in your professional activities as an Insurance Agent or Insurance Adjuster.

Welcome to this continuing education course which details the Homeowners insurance policy’s Section I Definition section in detail. The objective of our HO-3 from A-to-Z courses is to provide you with an analysis that will provide you with an opportunity to become an “expert” as regards the ISO HO-3 policy form. Your course includes a copy of the HO-3 policy form for your analysis and review. These courses provide a “rich” and “abundant” amount of Case Law as an underpinning the policy’s meaning and application.

The course starts will a concise General Review to include the topics of risk and insurance; insurance contract characteristics; contracts; and legal liability. The General Review is followed by a study of the Homeowners insurance policy’s Definition section which have been: (1) written by ISO; and (2) embellished and defined by the various court systems.

There are three key features to the A-Z series of Continuing Education courses:

  1. ISO policy excerpts from the policies
  2. A-Z analysis which analyzes the research we have done
  3. Court Cases which demonstrate how the courts have helped to define the ISO policies
Price: $39.99


Delivery Method: Self-Study Online
Access Period: Unlimited


Proctor: No
Passing Grade: 70%
Questions: 85
Retakes: Unlimited
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