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Decentralized Finance Explained

The purpose of this course is to better equip you in your professional activities as an Insurance Agent or Insurance Adjuster.

The purpose of this course is to educate you on Decentralized Finance, Blockchain Technology, and Cryptocurrency and how it is affecting “everything” including the insurance industry. In the first Module we discuss a brief History and Overview of Decentralized Finance. In the second Module we review Decentralized Finance as a system. In Module Three we review Decentralized Finance’s present and future. The course concludes with Module Four a review of Decentralized Finance, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency “working-definitions”.

This course makes a few assumptions about you the student:

  • You are a currently licensed Insurance Agent or Adjuster.
  • You are interested in additional information, resources, and knowledge regarding decentralized finance.

This course consists of four Modules; each Module concludes with Key Takeaways; these are important and are the basis of the Module Quizzes and Final Exam.

  • Module One: Overview and History
  • Module Two: Decentralized Finance a Systems View
  • Module Three: Decentralized Finance Present and Future
  • Module Four: Decentralized Finance “Working – Definitions”
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Delivery Method: Self-Study Online
Access Period: Unlimited


Proctor: No
Passing Grade: 70%
Questions: 25
Retakes: Unlimited
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