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Settlements and Releases Legal Brief

The purpose of this course is to better equip you in your professional activities as an Insurance Agent or Insurance Adjuster.

This course investigates the law of Settlements and Releases. A settlement agreement is usually forged by the lawyers of a civil case and can be done out of court. In insurance, it happens when a person is being offered an amount of money by the insurance company representing a policyholder. A release is a legal document in which an individual agrees to give up, or release, certain legal rights. In the case of car accident claims or lawsuits, a person who signs the release gives up the right to sue certain individuals or entities as they relate to the specific accident. In this course you will review what Releases are and how they are used in insurance claims. The elements of a Release form are discussed and the course provides several interesting case studies for your review. This course also does something very different, we present a plaintiff attorney’s contrasting view of Releases (that is, contrasted to the use by the insurance industry). We hope you find this portion engaging as it presents, “the other side’s point of view”.

This course makes a few assumptions about you the student:

  • You are a currently licensed Insurance Agent or Adjuster.
  • You are interested in additional information, resources, and knowledge regarding insurance and the legal environment of business in general.

There are four key features to the Course Briefs Continuing Education courses:

  • Introduction to the Law
  • Legal Syllogism Overview
  • Topical Analysis
  • Supporting Case Lae
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Delivery Method: Self-Study Online
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Proctor: No
Passing Grade: 70%
Questions: 25
Retakes: Unlimited
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