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The Law of Civil Procedure

The purpose of this course is to better equip you in your professional activities as an Insurance Agent or Insurance Adjuster.

This course reviews the Law of Civil Procedure. This course is meant to serve as a primer to describe and inform on Civil Procedures. Broadly speaking, Civil Procedure consists of the rules by which courts conduct civil trials. "Civil trials" concern the judicial resolution of claims by one individual or class against another and are to be distinguished from "criminal trials," in which the state prosecutes an individual for violation of criminal law. You will follow the procedural steps/stages of Civil Litigation: notice, pre-trial, trial, and post trial. The course reviews Interim Remedies, Final Remedies, and of course is supported with many interesting cases as the underpinning for the legal doctrine.

This course makes a few assumptions about you the student:

  • You are a currently licensed Insurance Agent or Adjuster.
  • You are interested in additional information, resources, and knowledge regarding insurance and the legal environment of business in general.

There are four key features to the Course Briefs Continuing Education courses:

  • Introduction to the Law
  • Legal Syllogism Overview
  • Topical Analysis
  • Supporting Case Law
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Delivery Method: Self-Study Online
Access Period: Unlimited


Proctor: No
Passing Grade: 70%
Questions: 25
Retakes: Unlimited
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